The Mini Emergency Kit Every Mil-Spouse Needs

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The Mini Emergency Kit Every Mil-Spouse Needs

It can be a little overwhelming trying to put a mini emergency kit together when you think of all of the worst case scenarios that can occur while you’re out and about, or for a special occasion.  I had the daunting task assigned to me about a year ago for a friend’s wedding. The funny thing is that once I had it put together, it never left my purse and has saved me time and time again! Here is a list of what is great to have on hand, and why!  I’ve broken it down into four sections, and have a list of what it’s evolved into with photos at the bottom!



Vaseline Tube- Forgot your chapstick?  Have dry or cracked skin?  This will help

Mirror- Because sometimes the selfie mode on your phone just isn’t enough.

Bobby pins and Hair ties- Because hair.  Enough said.

Nail Clippers with File-  In case of hang nail, loose thread, or needing to deactivate a bomb.

Wet wipe- Because life is messy sometimes



Shout Wipe- Because I can be a sloppy eater…don’t judge me

Mini sewing kit- No one needs a wardrobe malfunction when they’re out and about


FIRST AID (I won’t explain each one of these…I’m sure you get the point)


Cleansing Wipe

Antibiotic ointment

Burn Cream

Sting Relief Wipe

Mole Skin for blisters

Eye drops






Contacts- I swear these like to jump out of my eyes.

Tampon & Panty Liner- Aunt Flo doesn’t always announce her visits, I also forget sometimes

Plastic Bag- So many uses.  

Cash- always good to have in case of emergencies

Screw Driver- This has come in handy more times than I expected

Tweezers- Splinters hurt…and because eye brow hairs out of place need to be taught a lesson

Pen- because sometimes you need to write stuff down


These are some great basics to have on hand, and believe it or not, all of this fit a small change purse that can fit into the palm of my hand. It’s the same one I carried in my small clutch the day my friend got married.  Since then, it’s saved me from blisters, bad hair days and headaches… along with several of my friends, and even a few strangers! What would you add in or take out? Leave me a comment below!


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  • Karen England

    Living in Japan, I always carry spare socks in case I am not wearing any and I end up somewhere that I need to take my shoes off. I also keep a Japanese hand towel for restrooms that do not have a way to dry your hands and extra tissues for those that have no toilet paper. Oh, and hand sanitizer too. A lot of public restrooms do not have soap either. 🌸

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