How To Organize Military Uniforms (The Easy Way!)

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It’s no secret that service members have a lot of different uniforms.  My husband is in the Navy, and he’s required to have at least eight uniforms…and that’s just off the top of my head.  There very well be more that are just escaping me as I write this.  Along with the basics of each uniform, there are also accessories like different jackets, insignia, shoes, belts and buckles, covers…you get the point.

I used to be totally overwhelmed by the bits and bobs.  Things would get tucked places, with no rhyme or reason because I honestly didn’t know what to do with it all.  Inevitably things got lost. When my husband needed something one day and I had no idea where it had been squirreled away to, I knew I needed a better system.

Since then, I’ve themed my system around centralization and organized chaos.  I realized that things were getting lost because they were all over the place, so I decided to keep ANYTHING uniform related in one spot.  In this house, we have a small hall closet that has served as the uniform hub if you will (we’ll see how this plays out in our next home lol).  Everything, with the exception of things he wears daily like his undershirts, cover or jacket, go into that closet.

The benefits have been two fold.  Not only am I not overwhelmed anymore, but my husband doesn’t come asking me where things are. He knows that if it is uniform related, it will be in there somewhere.  I chalk that up as a consistency win!


So how do I organize the chaos in the closet?  Let’s break it down step by step.


  1. First I hung all of the uniform shirts, pants and jackets.  The pants are hung on a cascading hanger to save space, and the shirts are separated by color first and then by sleeve length within.  Jackets are all hung together at the end of the closet.
  2. Next, shoes got organized.  Bulky boots are at the bottom of the closet with specialty shoes for fancy uniforms going into a tote at the space above the hanging clothes.  
  3. Uniform insignia gets organized into a contraption that looks like the Navy version of a jewelry roll.  It has tons of pockets and compartments for things to stay organized.  (PRO TIP: Don’t want to buy a military one? Use a cheap jewelry roll instead.  The concept is the same, just make sure you get one with lots of pockets and compartments!)
  4. So what do you do with the bulky nonsense that doesn’t fit into the jewelry roll?  You guessed it, another bin. I opted to have two bins that are the same size for shoes and bulky accessories so that they stack nicely.  Depending on how much stuff your service member has, they may be able to just have one bin. However, this is one of my favorite bins because it is the catch all for random stuff like the shoe buffer kit, belts, the tassel thing he needs for his sword (yup… that’s the technical Navy term for it)… you get the point.
  5. Sea bags are all organized into the bottom of the closet in a laundry basket.  The basket also houses a messenger bag that he uses when he has to carry official documents in professional setting. 


So friends, there you have it, bins, a few cascading hangers and a jewelry roll saved my sanity when it came to my husband’s uniform pieces.  I can honestly tell you that once I set this system in place, I never looked back. It is super helpful knowing that everything has a home, and that my husband can find what he needs when I’m not there… without having to dig through my jewelry box, his closet, a storage unit or basement/attic to find something.  

How are uniform pieces organized in your home? Does you service member have specialty gear that you have to deal with? How do you keep it together? Leave a comment below to help your friends out!


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