How To Make Broth From Scraps Using A Stock Box

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How To Make Broth From Scraps Using A Stock Box

When people see mason jars of canned broth in my pantry, I often get asked the question “what are those?”  I’ve always been a fan of homemade soups, and rice made with broth instead of water.  However, I hated the amount of sodium and preservatives in the store bought stuff.  For about a year, I was making broth regularly by buying all of the ingredients at the store (an entire chicken, onion, carrots and celery). To be honest with you, it was delicious, but expensive.  This went on until a friend introduced me to her “stock box.” Since discovering this little gem, I’ve had no problem keeping my pantry stocked with delicious broth for FREE.

What is a stock box?  

It’s basically a container of scraps that you keep in your freezer for when you’re ready to make a batch of broth.  Any time you cook with an onion, carrots, celery, garlic or fresh herbs, throw the scraps in the box or plastic bag to use later.  I put onion and carrot peels in mine, along with celery leaves (they have amazing flavor) and stems from fresh herbs.  This is all stuff that would have otherwise been trashed.  Chicken and beef bones can also be put in there.

How do you make the broth?

Once my stock box is full, I dump the contents into a big stock pot, cover with water and add any other spices and seasonings I want.  My go to’s are bay leaf, salt, pepper and herbs de provence.  Once it’s all together, I let it simmer for a while.  Usually, I let it go for a few hours to let all those delicious flavors sink in.

How should you store your broth?

Once it has boiled long enough, go ahead and clarify the broth.  Easiest thing to do is put a colander with a piece of cheese cloth inside, on top of another pot and dump the contents.  You can pitch the scraps in the colander.  You won’t need them anymore.  

After that, I simply put the clarified broth into mason jars and process them in my pressure canner for 20 minutes at 10 lbs PSI.  This is what allows me to safely store them in my pantry.  If you don’t have a pressure canner, you can also freeze your broth for later use.  


That’s it folks!  Super simple, and cost effective.  No more food waste, and you get delicious homemade broth, sans the sodium and preservatives, for very little effort.  Have you used this method? What else do you add to yours? Leave me a comment below to tell me!


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