5 Essential Lingerie Pieces For A MilSpouse

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Ever been preparing for a homecoming, and trying to find lingerie to wear that first night home, but ended up frustrated?  There are so many articles out there about what staple pieces every woman needs in her everyday wardrobe… but what about your lingerie wardrobe?  Here are a few basics that every woman should have in her closet.

Black Silk Robe

Sometimes less is more.  A black robe not only pairs well with 90% of lingerie on the market, but you can also wear on its own (maybe with some pumps and pearls?).  One of the best aspects of this piece is you can wear it for yourself just as much as you can someone else. Every girl deserves to start her day off glamorously.  Do yourself a favor and swap out your old cotton robe for a sexy silk one.

My absolute favorite is the silk kimono style robe from Victoria’s Secret.  It looks fabulous, and is easy to care for.  It’s also a blended fabric, so it packs well (hello port visit!) with little to no wrinkling.

Bra and Panty Set

Every woman should have a go to matching bra and panty set that makes her T&A look phenomenal.  I suggest going to a Victoria’s Secret or intimates boutique and trying on different styles. Soma is a great option if you need specialty sizes.  Styles and silhouettes that looks great on someone else, may not work for your body type, so don’t be afraid to have one of the pros help you find something to compliment your shape.  

Garter Belt

This is a lingerie classic that I have yet to hear someone say they don’t like.  There are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing a garter belt. When buying, go simple.  This way, you’ll be able to pair it with several pieces instead of wearing it once, and letting it collect dust in a drawer.  

A great option is a black one from Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels. VS doesn’t change the lace pattern in this collection like they do in most of their others, giving you some longevity with your piece.

Thigh Highs

A garter belt obviously seems lonely without thigh high stockings to complete the look.  One important distinction to make between the many available styles is whether they’re meant to pair with a garter belt or stay up on their own.  

Ones meant to stay up on their own are equipped with rubber ribbing and a smaller thigh opening to help keep them in place. Unfortunately, while they are more functional, they are less aesthetically pleasing because they tend to squeeze where women generally carry most of our weight.  

The ones meant to pair with a garter belt, won’t have the ribbing and will actually be slightly larger at the top to avoid this happening.

The last trick to a garter belt and stocking set, is to put your panties on over top instead of underneath.  This will help avoid the entire outfit coming off in the moment.


As much as we say heels were created by men to punish us, they are actually aesthetically enhancing.  When in heels, posture naturally improves, making you look taller and thinner. So whether your partner is into high heeled boots, or pumps and pearls, embrace it and unleash your inner super model!


These are your basics ladies.  Find pieces you love and use them often!  Not just for your partner, but for yourself as well!  What are some other go to pieces you have in your wardrobe that you love?


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