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I want to demystify how the military does business.  Did you know 50% of military spouses are 30 and under?  Did you know they’re approximately 92% women*?  Let’s be real for a minute.  How do millennial ladies search for information?  If your mind goes to Pinterest, then you are correct, my friend.  What about milspouse millennials?  Facebook groups are the go to for these ladies!  

How do I know?  Because the person I just described is me…and countless other spouses that I’ve talked to.  We jump to crowdsourcing information, aka asking a question on social media, when we need the deets on something military related.  Why?  Because we don’t know how or where to find the authoritative information from the actual military.  So we use what’s available to us…our network.  The only pitfall to this is misinformation or questions being left unanswered. 

My Goal is to help bridge the gap between the information the military puts out, and those who need it but oftentimes don’t have access…spouses.  So if you want answers to questions like “why was our PCS travel routed this way?” or “why did we get reimbursed for this random expense but not others this last move?” but want to skip the drama on spouse groups, then I’m your girl.  We’re all in this together.  I’ve got you, friend!

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